Top things to do in Tete

Top Choice International in Tete

Café del Río

When Tete's heat has melted you to a runny pulp, revive your spirits at Cafe del Rio, a beautiful thatched restaurant furnished like an upmarket African safari lodge that catches gorgeous sunsets over the Zambezi. Y…
International in Tete

Why Not Esplanada & Restaurant

It's a little out of the centre in a residential area – and finding it might entail asking directions in Portuguese more than once – but other than that…why not? This restaurant lives up to its name, tempting diners…
Church in Tete

Missão de Boroma

About 25km northwest of Tete, overlooking the river, is the Missão de Boroma. Founded in 1885 by Jesuit missionaries, it was known for its colégio (school), its carpentry-training centre and its attractive church. I…
Indian in Tete

Galaxy Restaurant

The best of several pioneering Indian restaurants in Tete, this one leans towards southern Indian cuisine and serves an excellent masala dosa (thin crepe filled with spicy potato with coconut chutney on the side).
Bar in Tete

Paraíso Misterioso

On the riverbank just below the bridge in the main part of town, the multifarious Paraíso Misterioso complex lays on entertainment pretty thick, with bumper cars, a bar, a brand-new cinema and live music.
International in Tete

VIP Café

This clean, air-conditioned restaurant might lack your typical Mozambican feel, but it's the best place to grab a coffee, ice cream, pastry or salad while cooling off.
Bridge in Tete


The town's most impressive sight is the 538m-long suspension bridge that spans the Zambezi River.
Fortress in Tete

Old Portuguese Fort

There are the remains of an old Portuguese fort (now a cultural centre) on the river near the bridge.