African in Chimoio

Restaurante Maúa

This is one of the most popular of the several restaurants at the Feira Popular, featuring grills and well-prepared Mozambican cuisine. It’s at the southern end of town just off the N6, and is mainly an option for t…
African in Beira

Take-Away 2 + 1

A small restaurant serving a selection of inexpensive local fare, just northeast of Praça do Município.
African in Bilene


Inexpensive grilled chicken and chips.
African in Chimoio

Café Atlântida

Inexpensive local meals in a rather cavernous interior.
African in Mozambique Island

O Paladar

At the eastern corner of the old market, O Paladar is the place to go for local cuisine. Stop by in the morning and place your order with Dona Maria for lunchtime or evening meals.
African in Lichinga

O Chambo

A cosy place in the Feira Exposição Niassa (FEN) compound next to the market, with soups and local meals. The owner also rents out rooms.
African in Pemba

Restaurante Rema

A good spot for local meals and local vibes. It’s just opposite Pemba Dolphin.
African in Inhambane

Café d’Hotel

Inexpensive, tasty daily menus and local dishes. It’s just down from Hotel Inhambane.
African in Tofo

Tofo Tofo

Inexpensive snacks and local food, and a small grocery store.
African in Nampula

Restaurante Dona Amélia

This small place is hidden away almost in the Galp Fabião petrol station, and next to the TCO booking office. Just ask the gas station attendants to point you to the right doorway. Inside, Dona Amélia prepares soup …