Best restaurants in Mozambique

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Chimoio

    Restaurante Maúa

    Tap any local with taste buds and they'll probably tell you that this place – one of several restaurants in the Feira Popular complex – serves the best food in Chimoio, possibly even central Mozambique. The menu leans heavily towards Mozambican flavours, with excellent tiger prawns, piri-piri chicken, steak and matapa (cassava leaves sauteed with cashews and coconut milk).

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Beira


    Biques (pronounced beaks) is a sight for sore eyes if you've just emerged bleary-eyed from the bush. Perched on a rise overlooking a windswept scoop of Macuti Beach, it's long been revered by overlanders for its pizza oven, triple-decker club sandwiches and sweet chocolate brownies. Wash your meal down with a frosty beer (served in a real beer glass).

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Beira

    Tutto D'Italy

    Top of the list of 'weird epiphanies in Beira' is this fabulous Italian restaurant hidden (there's no sign) in a children's park on the cusp of the Ponta Gêa neighbourhood. All the Italian favourites – antipasti, veal, octopus and pasta dishes – are served here, and all taste as though they've been teleported from Rome or Naples.

  • Restaurants in Beira

    Restaurante 2 + 1

    Get past the cheap 2+1 Takeaway outside and dive into the air-conditioned heaven of this lovely restaurant, a plush, inviting culinary star in the otherwise dilapidated Maquinino neighbourhood. The helpful waiters dress up for work and.the food is (and tastes) equally smart. This being Beira, the fish is king, though it's often doused with Portuguese flavours.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Nampula

    Hotel Milénio Restaurant

    Equipped with a chef from Mumbai, this sleek restaurant at Hotel Milénio knocks out the best Indian food in northern Mozambique, with excellent meat and vegetarian dishes. Recommended is the lamb biriyani, the bhuna and the chicken tikka. All come with lashings of rice and/or naan. Equally spicy are some finely seasoned Mozambican standards. No alcohol served.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Tete

    Café del Río

    When Tete's heat has melted you to a runny pulp, revive your spirits at Cafe del Rio, a beautiful thatched restaurant furnished like an upmarket African safari lodge that catches gorgeous sunsets over the Zambezi. You can easily while away a whole evening here playing chess, smoking cigars, knocking back cocktails and enjoying steak and the local speciality, pende fish.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Mozambique Island

    Rickshaws Cafe

    The new kids on the block have nabbed a beautiful sunset location on the island's western side where you can sit alfresco and relish food from a menu that mixes Mozambican favourites with fish tacos, pizza, brownies and burgers. It's American run, and the name harks back to a method of transport once popular on the island.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Pemba

    Locanda Italiana

    Something of a vision in the quiet, well-worn streets of the baixa, this Italian-run restaurant serves up al dente pasta (the ragú is excellent) and wood-fired-oven pizzas in the flower-embellished courtyard of a restored building. If you're looking for a day off root vegetables and chicken piri-piri, this is the place to go.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Mozambique Island


    This excellent new restaurant in Stone Town specialises in the island's seafood bounty. Tuna, prawns, marlin and lobster are all done to perfection here, overseen by the hands-on Portuguese owner. Choose from the chalkboard menu and sit alfresco in front of artfully arranged antiques in the window.

  • Restaurants in Nampula

    VIP Cafe

    This clean, new, impossibly inviting nook in a glassy shopping centre draws you in with its shiny espresso machine and display case replete with fresh pastries. Cakes aside, there's a full laminated menu of sandwiches, burgers and fuller dishes, some with Lebanese inflections.

  • Restaurants in Mozambique Island

    O Escondidinho

    The restaurant at this hotel has a changing daily menu featuring well-prepared prawns, crayfish and other seafood dishes with French overtones, and tables near the small garden and pool.

  • Restaurants in Maputo

    Fish Market

    The lively Fish Market is in a large white building en route to Costa do Sol. Peruse the many creatures that inhabit the nearby waters, or go all the way and choose what you’d like from the main hall and get it grilled at one of the small adjoining restaurants. Cooking prices average about Mtc160 per kilo.

  • Restaurants in Chimoio

    Ponto do Encontro

    The aptly named 'meeting point' is one of the town's best meeting and eating places, both as a Portuguese-style cafe (the coffee and pastries are excellent) and as a restaurant. The house special is chicken in mushroom sauce, served with rice and chips. It also has a buffet-style counter at lunchtime.

  • Restaurants in Nampula

    Sporting Clube de Nampula

    You're practically guaranteed to meet a fellow traveller or expat at this shady post-colonial watering hole next to the ethnography museum. Some just come for beers and conversation at the outdoor bar. Others gravitate to the indoor dining area for bife a portuguesa (steak and eggs), grilled fish, feijoada (beans and sausages) and a couple of Chinese-influenced plates.

  • Restaurants in Pemba

    Clube Naval

    The default expat hang-out, the good ole naval club enjoys a prime waterside setting just off the western curve of Wimbi Beach. Sundowners are practically obligatory here, but the restaurant also has a large menu featuring salads, seafood, chicken, ribs, pizzas and desserts. There’s a volleyball area on the sand, a swimming pool and a small children’s playground.

  • Restaurants in Lichinga

    Restaurant 2+1

    You could easily miss the entrance to this hotel-restaurant, which doesn't promise much from outside. Inside it's a different story, at least when your food arrives and you've been savvy enough to order the chambo. The plump fish found in Lake Niassa is a veritable feast, cooked simply on a barbecue and served with lashings of vegetables, rice and fries.

  • Restaurants in Ibo Island


    A couple of homes in the bairro known as Rituto offer meals if organised in advance (enquire at Cinco Portas). A local will pick you up and take you to their small house, where you'll likely dine on the catch of the day, along with matapa (cassava leaves sauteed with cashews and coconut milk) and rice.

  • Restaurants in Tete

    Why Not Esplanada & Restaurant

    It's a little out of the centre in a residential area – and finding it might entail asking directions in Portuguese more than once – but other than that…why not? This restaurant lives up to its name, tempting diners into its opened-sided bar and seating area with classic South African–style surf-and-turf dishes accompanied by extra-cold beers.

  • Restaurants in Mozambique Island

    Sara's Place

    Inhabiting a reed house in the square opposite the hospital, Sara's is a confirmed local favourite – small and scruffy, but salt-of-the-earth – where you can taste chicken and fish served with the unique island speciality matapa de siri siri (seaweed with coconut milk).

  • Restaurants in Beira

    Café Riviera

    Head to this old-world street-side cafe for caffeine Portuguese style and a bolo (cake) as you watch the passing Beira scene – both the pretty and the gritty. It offers all the usual snacks, including chicken and samosas, in an African colonial atmosphere that'll make you feel as though you've slipped into a Graham Greene novel.