Quelimane restaurants

Cafe in Quelimane

Cafe-Pasteleria Saima

The city's only really inviting pasteleria isn't large, but it's good for a pastry, a galão (Portuguese latte) or something fast and no-frills (a burger perhaps). Make the most of it: there's not much else like this…
African in Quelimane

Xeque Mate

Something of a social hub in sleepy Quelimane, this dark but vaguely arty pub-restaurant doesn't exactly advertise itself, but the meat and fish dishes are good. Probably the city's best non-hotel eating joint.
International in Quelimane

Restaurante Nara

Opposite the uglier of Quelimane's two cathedrals, Nara has the most international menu in town, with Indian, Middle Eastern and Mexican flavours accompanying the standard chicken and prawns.