Mozambique in detail

Travel with Children

For adventurous, Africa-savvy families, Mozambique can be a wonderful destination. The beaches and coastal resorts, especially in the south, are the main attraction for children of all ages. Many resorts also have swimming pools and most offer children’s discounts.

Considerations for travel here include the scarcity of decent medical facilities away from major centres, the length of many road journeys, and the difficulty of finding clean bathrooms outside midrange and top-end hotels.

Be aware of the risk of hookworm infestation in populated beach areas, as well as the risk of bilharzia in lakes. Other things to watch out for include sea urchins at the beach (beach shoes are a good idea for children and adults) and thorns.

Bring mosquito nets from home for your children and ensure that they sleep under them. Also bring mosquito repellent from home, and check with your doctor regarding the use of malaria prophylactics. Long-sleeved shirts and trousers are the best protection at dawn and dusk.


  • Cots & spare beds Easily arranged; average cost Mtc500.
  • Child seats for hired cars Occasionally available; confirm in advance.
  • Restaurant high chairs Occasionally available.
  • Formula, disposable nappies and wet wipes Available in pharmacies, large supermarkets and markets in larger towns.
  • Child care Easy to arrange informally through your hotel.
  • Prams Impractical; use a Mozambican-style sling carrier instead.