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Ponta d'Ouro


Ponta d’Ouro is 120km south of Maputo. The road is potholed but in decent shape for the first 60km. Thereafter, parts are under renovation, while other sections are soft, deep sand. Allow about three hours in a private vehicle (4WD only), although this time will be reduced once the planned paving between the Kosi Bay border post and Maputo is completed (estimated to be December 2017).


Direct chapas (minibuses) depart Maputo’s Catembe ferry pier by about 6am or earlier on Tuesday and Friday (Mtc200, five hours). Departures from Ponta d’Ouro are on Wednesday and Saturday from in front of the market. Otherwise take the ferry to Catembe, where there are several direct chapas daily. From Ponta d’Ouro back to Catembe, there is a chapa most weekdays departing at 4am. Arrange with the driver the evening before to pick you up at your hotel.

A bridge is being constructed across Maputo Bay – the estimated completion date is December 2017. Together with the rehabilitation of the road between Maputo and the Kosi Bay border post, it will change all of this information, so ask around before setting off.

From South Africa

The Kosi Bay border crossing is 11km south of Ponta d’Ouro. If the ongoing paving work hasn't reached this section by the time you do, you'll need a 4WD for the sandy track. Most chapas from Catembe pass here first, before stopping at Ponta d’Ouro (Mtc50 from the border to Ponta d’Ouro). Coming from South Africa, there’s a guarded lot just over the border where you can leave your vehicle in the shade for R40 per day. All the hotels do pick-ups from the border for about US$10 to US$15 per person (minimum two people). Allow about five hours for the drive to/from Durban (South Africa).

Ponta Malongane

There’s no public transport to Ponta Malongane, though chapas between Maputo and Ponta d’Ouro stop at the signposted turnoff, about 5km before Ponta Malongane. To get between Ponta d’Ouro and Ponta Malongane, you can walk along the beach at low tide (7km) or go via the sandy road.