Mozambican new metical (Mtc)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$50

  • Dorm bed: US$10 or less
  • Double room in a budget hotel: US$30–40
  • Local-style meal: US$5
  • Bus ticket from Maputo to Tofo: US$12

Midrange: US$50–200

  • Double room in a hotel: US$60–150
  • Restaurant lunch or dinner: US$10
  • Short taxi trip: US$8–10

Top end: More than US$200

  • Double room in an upmarket hotel: from US$150
  • Meal in a fancy restaurant: from US$15
  • Flight from Maputo to Vilankulo: $150


Bargaining over prices is part of everyday life in Mozambique. However, apart from tourist-oriented places, don't assume that quoted prices are inflated. Especially in markets in smaller towns, the first price is often the 'real' price (ie, the same price locals pay). A bit of good-natured negotiating is never out of place, but if the seller refuses to budge, assume their initial price was one they feel is fair.


There's a BCI ATM in the small square at the entrance to town.