Mozambique in detail


Mozambique Grand Tour

  • 2 Months

To explore Mozambique from south to north (north to south works just as well) in a grand overland tour, allow at least two months. With more limited time, it’s easy enough to choose sections from the following itinerary, perhaps taking a flight or two to break up the longer stretches.

Note that as of late 2016, political skirmishes in central Mozambique have made overland travel difficult in some areas. Prior to planning your route, check for updated information on government travel websites.

Starting in the far south, spend time enjoying the wonderful beach at Ponta d’Ouro before continuing on to the lively, culture-packed capital of Maputo. Here the many museums, sidewalk cafes, restaurants and craft shops will keep you busy for at least several days.

Continue north to Inhambane, with its flamingos, dhows and wonderful nearby beaches, including those at Tofo and Barra. Further north, Vilankulo is an amenable spot for a day or three. It's also the springboard to the Bazaruto Archipelago, with its diving and upmarket lodges.

From Vilankulo continue north to Beira, spending a day or two in this old port city before heading west to Chimoio, the best base for organising hiking in the Chimanimani Mountains. Allow four days or more, including transport, for the excursion. Once back in Chimoio, make your way northeast to lovely Gorongosa National Park. For all stops in this part of central Mozambique, get an update on the security situation before setting your plans.

The route continues north via Quelimane, with its nearby beaches and coconut plantations, and bustling, crowded Nampula to Mozambique Island – a gem of a place, where it's easy to spend at least two or three days taking in the sights. A recommended diversion en route is to scenic, mountainous Gurúè, with its cool climate, jacarandas, tea plantations and hiking.

Continue north to Pemba and the nearby beaches before travelling to the Quirimbas Archipelago. All the islands are lovely, with Ibo a highlight. Sail back to the mainland, and continue north to Moçimboa da Praia – a pleasant stop for a day or three – and on into Tanzania.