Mozambique in detail


Most Mozambicans are fairly easy-going towards foreigners. However, keeping several basics in mind will help smooth your interactions.

  • Greetings Always greet others and inquire about their well-being prior to launching into questions or conversation. It's also usual to greet people when entering or leaving a room.
  • Photography Ask permission before photographing people, especially in remote areas.
  • Elders In traditional Mozambican culture, elders and those in positions of authority are treated with deference. It smoothes things considerably to follow suit.
  • Gifts When receiving a gift, it's polite in many areas to accept it with both hands, sometimes with a slight bow, or with the right hand while touching the left hand to the right elbow. When only one hand is used to give or receive, make it the right.
  • Thanks Spoken thanks are not as common as in the West, so don't be upset if you aren't verbally thanked for a gift.