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Northern Mozambique

With tranquil Lake Niassa to the west, the barely explored Niassa Reserve in the middle and the palm-fringed islands of the Quirimbas archipelago off the east coast, northern Mozambique is the nation’s last frontier, a potpourri of mystery, intrigue and adventure. You could argue all day about its most precious sights. The historical legacies of Ibo and Mozambique Island are perhaps the finest in all Africa; diving in the Indian Ocean is still a little-known quantity; and the low-key, community-involved resorts of the Quirimbas and Lake Niassa regions deserve far more credit.

Poor roads and historical remoteness can make travel in the north a tough and uncomfortable business, but it's never drab. Allowing you plenty of time to sit and observe, the geographic detachment can quickly become addictive. With natural gas recently discovered in the area, its isolation might not last forever. Visit while it's still there!

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