Checking flights...


Nampula Airport is very handily positioned just 4km northeast of the city centre (Mtc200 in a taxi).

There are flights on LAM to Maputo daily, and to Beira, Lichinga, Quelimane, Tete and Pemba several times weekly. There are also flights to Johannesburg (South Africa), Nairobi (Kenya) and Lilongwe (Malawi).

Bus & Chapa

Most long-distance buses depart from next to the Petromac petrol station in the Antiga Gorongosa area (from the train station, follow Avenida de Trabalho west for around 2km). Companies with ticket offices here include Maning Nice, Nagi Investimentos and Etrago. Note that Nagi Investimentos services to Pemba and other destinations in Cabo Delgado province leave from another location near the airport roundabout in the east of town. Esta Na Moda ticketing and departures are at a roundabout 1.5km east of the train station. Most services leave at the crack of dawn.


To Pemba (Mtc500, six to seven hours) your best bet is Nagi Investimentos (daily from between 3am and 5am) or Esta Na Moda, with a daily service leaving at noon.


To Quelimane (Mtc600 to Mtc700, 10 hours), Maning Nice and Nagi Investimentos buses leave daily at 3am and 4am respectively.

Moçimboa da Praia, Mueda & Montepuez

Maning Nice services Moçimboa da Praia (Mtc600, 13 hours, daily), Mueda (Mtc700, daily) and Montepuez (Mtc500, nine hours, daily).

Mozambique Island

To Mozambique Island (Mtc200, three to four hours) chapas depart between 5am and 11am from the transport stand along Avenida do Trabalho just outside the train station. Look for one that’s going direct; many go only to Monapo, where you’ll need to stand on the roadside and wait for another vehicle. The best connections are found on one of the tanzaniano chapas, which depart Nampula between about 7am and 10am, depending on how early they arrive from Mozambique Island, and which continue more or less nonstop to the island. This transport stand is also the place to find chapas to Mossuril, Namapa and other points north and east.


Nagi Investimentos and Maning Nice both service Beira (Mtc1500 to Mtc1700, 16 hours) daily, departing at 3am.


Maning Nice buses run to Mocuba (Mtc500) or you can opt for a cheaper but slower and less comfortable chapa.


Nagi Investimentos serves Cuamba (Mtc400, seven hours) daily, leaving at 5am.


Nagi Investimentos serves Lichinga (Mtc1000, 15 hours), leaving Thursday and Saturday at 4am.


Maning Nice serves Chimoio (Mtc1500) three times weekly.


Maning Nice and Nagi Investimentos run to Maputo (Mtc3000, 35 hours), leaving at 3am. The route is also served by Etrago, with departures Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 3am, and Tuesday and Thursday at 10am.


A passenger train connects Nampula and Cuamba. It traditionally ran daily (except Monday) in either direction. However, since 2015, due to line rehabilitation and preference being given to freight (mainly coal), it has been reduced to a twice-weekly passenger service leaving Nampula on Saturday and Tuesday at 5am. Hopefully it will revert to its full schedule soon. The spectacular but typically African journey takes 10 to 12 hours. There are theoretically three classes of carriage (executive/1st/2nd Mtc600/400/170), although they might not function on all trips. It's well worth investing in executive if you can.

Tickets can be purchased between 2pm and 5pm on the day before travel (but not earlier).

Boarding starts at 4am. Arrive early and bring plenty of snacks. As with all Mozambican transport, be sure to check ahead for current schedules at the train station.