Maputo in detail

Flights & getting there


Kenya Airways, LAM, South African Airways and TAP Air Portugal have regular flights to Maputo.

Kenya Airways On the hill side going down to Avenida Marginal.

LAM Central Reservations In the baixa.

LAM Sales Office

South African Airways In Sommerschield.

TAP Air Portugal


Catembe Ferry Pier Daily ferries between Maputo and Catembe from 5am to 11.30pm (per person/vehicle from Mtc5/240, less for vehicles on weekdays).

Porto da Pesca Departure point for ferries to Inhaca (when operational).


Maputo’s main long-distance bus depot for up-country arrivals and departures is ‘Junta’, about 7km (Mtc300 in a taxi) from the city centre. Time your travels to avoid arriving at night. Chapas to Swaziland, South Africa and Namaacha in southern Mozambique also depart from Junta. Benfica is useful for chapas to Marracuene. Chapas to Ponta d'Ouro depart from Catembe.

Correios de Moçambique (the postal service) runs buses from Maputo to Beira, Chimoio, Tete, Quelimane and Nampula, departing from its ticketing office behind the main post office on Avenida Zedequias Manganhela. In late 2016 the service was suspended due to the political skirmishes in the centre of the country.

Sample prices and travel times for daily routes from Maputo include Inhambane (Mtc600, seven hours), Tofo (Mtc750, 7½ hours), Vilankulo (Mtc900, nine hours) and Beira (Mtc1700, 17 hours). There is twice-weekly service from Junta to Nampula (Mtc3100, 36 hours) and Pemba (Mtc3600), with overnight stops en route, although it's better to do these journeys in stages.


Fatima’s Place has a daily shuttle between Maputo and Tofo (Mtc800). With notice, it does pick-ups from other Maputo hotels. If seats are still remaining, it will also stop at Junta to take on additional passengers.


Departure and ticketing points for express buses to Johannesburg:

Greyhound Avenida Karl Marx, just south of Avenida Eduardo Mondlane.

Luciano Luxury Coach Behind the main post office.

Translux At Simara Travel & Tours.


Cheetah Express Daily between Maputo and Nelspruit (Mtc1300 return, no one-way option), departing Maputo at 6am from Avenida Eduardo Mondlane next to Mundo’s.


Slow trains (3rd class only) connect Maputo with several destinations, including Chicualacuala on the Zimbabwe border, Ressano Garcia on the South African border and Goba on the Swaziland border. Information on routes, fares and journey times is available at the information and ticketing window, in the lobby near the main station entrance. Tickets for all routes are only available on the day of travel.


Twice-weekly service, currently Wednesday and Saturday from Maputo and Sunday and Thursday from Chicualacuala (3rd class Mtc182, 17 to 20 hours). Once in Chicualacuala, you can cross the border and with luck catch a Zimbabwean train.

Ressano Garcia

Daily train from Maputo to Ressano Garcia, departing Maputo at 7.45am and 6pm Monday to Friday, and at 8am on Saturday (3rd class Mtc15, three to four hours).


Daily to Goba, departing Maputo at 6pm (Mtc15, three hours).