Mozambican new metical (Mtc)

Portuguese, Changana, Nyanja, Makhuwa and other African languages


Hospital in Vilankulo

SOS Netcare 911

This new, well-equipped medical clinic has pharmacy, dentist, laboratory and modern facilities. It can handle minor surgeries and can also assist with arrangements for medical evacuation to South Africa or...

Tourist Information in Pemba


Efficient, knowledgeable and a good first stop. It gives free information on Pemba and elsewhere in northern Mozambique, helps with accommodation and flight bookings, and can organise everything from dhow safaris...

Tourist Information in Chimoio

Eco-Micaia Office

The office of local foundation Eco-Micaia can offer info on Ndzou Camp and the Chimanimani Reserve in general. It's behind the Shoprite supermarket just off the main EN1 highway.

Internet in Maputo

Livro Aberto

There's wi-fi access and places to sit, plus the chance for Portuguese lessons or volunteering at this local community library in Jardim dos Professores.

Travel Agency in Maputo

Dana Tours

Specialises in travel to the coast, and can also sort you out for destinations throughout Mozambique, plus Swaziland and South Africa. Midrange and up.

Travel Agency in Maputo

Mozaic Travel

Excursions around the country, including to Limpopo National Park and Bazaruto Archipelago. Located in Bairro Triunfo, off Avenida Marginal.

Embassy in Maputo

Tanzanian High Commission

Temporary location (next to Sundown Guesthouse) while main location is renovated; main location is at 852 Avenida Mártires de Machava.

Bank in Pemba

Millennium BIM

Has an ATM; there’s also a Millennium BIM ATM in front of Complexo Náutilus at Wimbi Beach.

Hospital in Maputo

Instituto do Coração

Western standards and facilities for all ailments (not just cardiac issues); meticals, US dollars and Visa cards accepted.

Internet in Tofo

Tofo On-Line

In the town centre, just northeast of the market. It also sells tasty apple crumble as well as other snacks.

Bank in Chimoio

Chimoio Forex

At Manica Shopping Centre, just beyond the railway tracks and next to the petrol station; changes cash.

Bank in Mozambique Island


Has an ATM (Visa and MasterCard), and changes cash (US dollars, euros and rand).

Tourist Information in Gorongosa National Park

Park Headquarters

Park headquarters are at Chitengo camp. All activities can be organised here.