Top things to do in Ibo Island

Cultural in Ibo Island

Kueto Siriwala

Since 1773 Ibo has celebrated Kueto Siriwala (meaning 'don't forget your roots'), one of the best festivals in northern Mozambique. Marking the date the island was made capital of Cabo Delgado province, celebrations…
Fort in Ibo Island

Fort of São João Baptista

At the island’s northern end is the star-shaped Fort of São João Baptista, built in 1791 and designed to accommodate up to 300 people. When Ibo was linked to the slave trade, the fort’s dark, cramped lower chambers …
Historic Building in Ibo Island

Casa das Conchas

There's no mistaking how the house of shells (sometimes called the Cowrie House) got its name. The whole facade is covered in them and they make a unique and attractive mosaic. The house sells a small selection of c…
Seafood in Ibo Island


A couple of homes in the bairro known as Rituto offer meals if organised in advance (enquire at Cinco Portas). A local will pick you up and take you to their small house, where you'll likely dine on the catch of the…
Church in Ibo Island

Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário

Ibo might be 99% Muslim, but its most striking religious building is this whitewashed, weather-worn Catholic church that anchors the main square, a legacy of the Portuguese. The date of its foundation is one of many…
Arts & Crafts in Ibo Island


A community-run shop-cafe selling Ibo coffee, shawls, handmade baskets and locally made silver jewellery. If you're hot and hungry, cake, empanadas and ice cream are on offer too.
Fort in Ibo Island

Fort of São José

Of the three forts on Ibo, the Fort of São José near the boat dock is the oldest, dating from 1760. It ceased to have any military use once the larger fort of São João Baptista was built three decades later. Plans t…