Coral Lodge 15.41

Top choice lodge in Chocas, Cabaceira Pequena & Cabaceira Grande

If they gave out six stars for hotels, Coral Lodge might just qualify. Everything gets top marks, from the setting (an idyllic beach with its own natural diving lagoon) and the rooms (the beds have built-in air-con) to the service (akin to having your own butler) and the business ethics (most staff hail from the local village of Cabaceira Pequena).

Accommodation is provided in 10 beautiful beachside chalets, and prices include all meals (yes, they're exquisite), drinks, massage and water activities. The lodge even has its own desalination plant turning seawater into drinking water. To cap it all, the place isn't remotely snooty. Non-guests are welcome to use the restaurant and the lagoon.