Gurúè attractions

Top Choice Waterfall in Gurúè


Don't worry if you haven't the time or energy to summit Mt Namúli. Equally memorable is the 8km (one way) hike to the cascata (waterfall) in the hills north of town. Take a picnic, carry plenty of water and allow an…
Mountain in Gurúè

Mt Namúli

Rising up from the hills about 15km northeast of Gurúè are the mist-shrouded slopes of Mt Namúli (2419m), from which flow the Licungo (Lugela) and Malema Rivers. If you find yourself in the area with time to spare, …
Viewpoint in Gurúè

Casa dos Novios

This isolated house high above the tea fields has become a ruin since the erstwhile guard left about 10 years ago, but it's still a good target for a day hike through the plantations. The name 'House of the Bridegro…