Beira attractions

Beach in Beira

Macuti Beach

Macuti Beach is one of the better places in town to relax, though it can’t compare with the coastline further south or north. The water is moderately clean, the currents are strong (ask locally where swimming is pos…
Landmark in Beira

Grande Hotel

At the southern tip of Beira’s Ponta Gêa neighbourhood, within football-punting distance of the Indian Ocean, sits one of Mozambique’s biggest anachronisms: the Grande Hotel. Once a veritable palace of opulence and …
Notable Building in Beira

Casa Infante de Sagres

Among the faded colonial-era buildings around Beira's port area is the partially restored Casa Infante de Sagres, now the offices of Manica Shipping Company.
Lighthouse in Beira

Macuti Lighthouse

Beira's distinctive red-and-white-striped lighthouse, dating from 1904, sits at the far end of Macuti Beach.
Cathedral in Beira


Beira’s small cathedral was built in the early 20th century with stones from the old San Caetano fort (1505) in Sofala.