Notable Building in Beira

Casa Infante de Sagres

Worth a look are the surrounding Ponta Gêa area, with some charming old houses; Praça do Metical; and the area around the port, where the streets are lined with faded colonial-era buildings. One to watch for is the …
Landmark in Beira

Palácio do Governador

Beach in Beira

Makuti Beach

Makuti Beach is one of the better places in town to relax, though it can’t compare with the coastline further south or north. The water is moderately clean, currents strong (ask locally where swimming is possible) a…
Cathedral in Beira


Beira’s cathedral was built in the early 20th century with stones from the old San Caetano fort (1505) in Sofala.
Lighthouse in Beira

Makuti Lighthouse