Mozambique in detail

Planning Tips

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Arrange your Mozambique visa in advance
  • Get any necessary vaccinations; if you'll be arriving from a yellow-fever endemic area (including many of Mozambique's neighbours), ensure that you are carrying your yellow-fever-vaccination certificate
  • Arrange appropriate travel health insurance, including emergency medical air evacuation at least to Johannesburg
  • Brush up on your Portuguese

What to Take

  • Torch (flashlight) – you'll be without electricity in the bush and during sporadic power cuts.
  • Visa card for accessing cash at ATMs
  • Mosquito repellent, net and prophylaxis
  • Yellow-fever-vaccination certificate, if arriving in Mozambique overland or from neighbouring countries
  • Portuguese phrasebook

What to Wear

Shorts and sleeveless tops are fine at beach resorts. In urban areas and in traditional communities, you'll have an easier time with more conservative garb. Long trousers or a skirt (for women) and a top with some sort of sleeve are appropriate anywhere.

Evenings can be chilly during the June-to-August winter season; pack a light windbreaker, and a lightweight waterproof jacket during the rains.