Ziz Valley & the Tafilalt attractions

Top Choice Dunes in Merzouga

Erg Chebbi

Shape-shifting over 28km from north to south and reaching heights of 160m, Erg Chebbi may be modest compared with the great sand seas of Algeria, Libya and Namibia, but it is extraordinarily scenic. The rose gold du…
Ruins in Rissani


Just before you reach Rissani are the ruins of Sijilmassa, the capital of the first virtually independent Islamic principality in the south. Its foundation is lost in myth, but by the end of the 8th century it was a…
Museum in Erfoud

Museum of Fossils & Minerals

The best place for an introduction to Morocco's fossils is at Brahim Tahiri's Museum of Fossils & Minerals, the only private fossil museum in Morocco, where scientifically important specimens are exhibited besid…
Spring in Meski & Aoufous

Source Bleue de Meski

The origins of the Oued Ziz can be found in Meski, where warm, natural springs bubble to the surface beneath the picturesque ruins of the Ksar Meski. The French Foreign Legion extended the main pool and added steps …
Cultural Centre in Meski & Aoufous

Cooperative Al Ouaha

Seven kinds of date are grown in the Aoufous oasis, and you can sample them all here. In the October and November season, the women of this cooperative in Aoufous will walk you through a date tasting (Dh20), and in …
Historic Building in Rissani

Ksar Oulad Abdelhalim

About 1km past the zawiya (shrine to a saint) on your right, this glorious ruin once called the ‘Alhambra of the Tafilalt’ was built around 1900 for Sultan Moulay Hassan’s elder brother. Walk through the wooden door…
Historic Site in Rissani

Ksar Abbar

Behind the zawiya (shrine to a saint) along a dirt track you’ll see the fantastic crumbling towers of this 19th-century stronghold, which formerly housed the dynasty’s disgraced or unwanted members and – just like t…
Historic Building in Rissani

Ksar El Fida

This enormous, restored Alawite kasbah (1854–72) served as the palace for the local qaid (chief) right up until 1965, after which it housed a museum of archaeology. Now only the son of the former owner remains and i…
Islamic Shrine in Rissani

Zawiya Moulay Ali Ash Sharif

About 2km to the southeast of Rissani is this cheering yellow shrine built to honour the Alawite dynasty’s founder. It's open to non-Muslims.
Historic Building in Rissani

Ksar Tinheras

This ksar (fortified granary) is a standout for its fine views.