Zagora in detail

Flights & getting there


Zagora has a small airport, southwest of town off the N12, that has two weekly flights (Monday and Wednesday) from Casablanca with Royal Air Maroc (


The CTM bus station is at the southwestern end of Mohammed V, while the local bus station is beside the mosque, where grands taxis also depart. Supratours, near the Banque Populaire, offers a daily 6am bus to Marrakesh (Dh135, 7½ hours) and Ouarzazate (Dh50, 2¾ hours). There is also a daily CTM bus to M'Hamid (Dh35, 2¾ hours) and three daily CTM buses to Ouarzazate (Dh55, three hours), two of which continue to Marrakesh (Dh135, 8½ hours).

Other companies, which are based at the local bus station, have at least one run a day to Marrakesh (Dh120) and Ouarzazate (Dh55, three hours). There are buses to Rissani (Dh100, six hours) via Nkob (Dh20, two hours) and Tazzarine (Dh35, 2½ hours) three times a week. A bus passes through Zagora to M’Hamid (Dh35, three hours) in the morning. More frequent minibuses run to M’Hamid (Dh30) throughout the day when full.


Grands taxis can be found in the centre of town beside the new mosque. They are more regular early in the morning. Destinations include Tamegroute (Dh10, 20 minutes), Agdz (Dh35, 1½ hours), Ouarzazate (Dh80, three hours), M’Hamid (Dh35, 1½ hours) and Nkob (Dh50 to Dh60, 1½ hours).