Zagora attractions

Top Choice Museum in Zagora

Musée des Arts et Traditions de la Valleé du Draa

Eight kilometres north of town, below a spectacular view point over the palmeraie, follow ‘Musée’ signs to a triple-storey mudbrick home that houses this fascinating desert-culture museum. In the tea salon, you’ll f…
Area in Zagora


Zagora’s desert-crossroads culture can be glimpsed in the adjacent village (south of downtown Zagora, across the Oued Draa), where artisans in the historic mellah (Jewish quarter) work good-luck charms from African,…
Mountain in Zagora

Jebel Zagora

This spectacular mountain rises over the Oued Draa – worth climbing for the views, provided you have stamina, water and sunblock and set off in the early morning. The round trip to Jebel Zagora takes about three hou…