This Berber-British partnership run by M'Hamid native Yahya and corporate-escapee Emily distinguishes itself by its professionalism and passion. Abandoning the nomadic life after the damming of the Draa made it unfeasible, Yahya put his immense knowledge of the desert, its customs, flora and fauna, to service in these well-planned itineraries.

Adventurers can join three- to six-day desert treks following nomadic migration routes, musicians find guitars conjured from neighbours for impromptu desert jam sessions, and budding anthropologists break bread with Draa Valley families or join Harratin inhabitants in M'Hamid's old ksar (fortified granary) for tea and local gossip. Larger excursions combining Atlas mountain trekking, the gorges and desert tours are also possible, as are desert trips to Erg Chebbi.