Car Rental in Zagora

Oasis New Car

A new agency that rents out small cars, 4WDs and even a seven-passenger station wagon.
Bus in Tangier

Main Bus Station

Cheaper bus companies operate from the main bus station, about 2km to the south of the city centre – the distinctly un-Moroccan-looking minarets are a useful nearby landmark. There are services to Al-Hoceima (Dh105,…
Taxi in Casablanca

Vendôme Transport Touristique

This reliable company has a fleet of cars and minivans with air-conditioning and functioning seatbelts (a rarity in Moroccan taxis). It charges Dh300 for transfers from Mohammed V International Airport to central Ca…
Bus in Oujda

CTM Office

Just off Pl du 16 Août, the CTM office sells tickets for its two daily buses: Casablanca (Dh210, nine hours overnight) via Taza (Dh80, 3½ hours), Fez (Dh120, five hours), Meknès (Dh130, six hours) and Rabat (Dh180, …
Bus in Ville Nouvelle

Gare Routière

Non-CTM and Supratours buses arrive and depart from the main bus station just outside the city walls at Bab Doukkala, a 25-minute walk or Dh5- to- Dh10 taxi ride from Djemaa El Fna. The large main building is lined …
Bus in Rissani

Local Bus Station

Local buses leave from the central bus station, 400m north of the square on the road to Erfoud. There are services to Fez (Dh140, 13 hours) via Meknès (Dh110, nine hours) and to Marrakesh (Dh190, 10 hours). Buses ru…
Taxi in Tafraoute

Grands Taxis

Station wagons and Land Rovers do the rounds of various villages in the area, mostly on market days. They hang around the post-office square, and on Rue al-Jeish al-Malaki by the Afriquia petrol station at the botto…
Taxi in Taroudannt

Grands Taxis

Grands taxis gather just outside Bab Zorgane. Destinations include the following: Agadir (Dh40), Inezgane (Dh34, change here for more frequent services to Agadir) and Marrakesh (Dh150). To travel via the mountainous…
Airport in Casablanca

Mohammed V International Airport

Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport is 30km southeast of the city on the Marrakesh road. Regular flights leave from here for most countries in Western Europe, as well as to West Africa, Algeria, Tunisia, E…
Bus in Tarfaya


Daily Supratours departures head for the following destinations: Agadir (Dh190, eight hours), Dakhla (Dh210, 10 hours), Goulimime (Dh130, six hours), Laâyoune (Dh50, two hours), Marrakesh (Dh265, 13 hours), Tan Tan …