Moroccan dirham (Dh)

Moroccan Arabic (Darija), Berber (Amazigh), French


Taxi in Taliouine

Grands Taxis

Grands taxis can be a better option than the buses, which usually roll through town without letting off any passengers. Grands taxis run from Taliouine to Ouarzazate, but direct taxis are rare, and you will...

Bus Station in Tangier

Gare Routière

Cheaper bus companies also operate from the main bus station. There are regular departures for all the destinations listed for CTM, plus services to Al Hoceima (Dh40, 10 hours) and Tanger Med (Dh20, 45 minutes)....

Taxi in Casablanca

Vendôme Transport Touristique

This reliable company has a fleet of cars and minivans with air-conditioning and functioning seatbelts. It charges Dh300 (two people with bags) for transfers from the airport to central Casablanca and can also...

Bus Station in Gueliz & Ville Nouvelle

Gare Routière

Non-CTM and Supratours buses arrive and depart from the main bus station just outside the city walls at Bab Doukkala. The large main building is lined with booths covering local and long-distance destinations;...

Train Station in Ville Nouvelle

Train Station

Fez's shiny train station is in the Ville Nouvelle, a 10-minute walk northwest of Place Florence. There's an ATM, some phone shops for SIM cards and a couple of snack shops and cafes with wi-fi. There's no...

Tickets in Oujda

CTM Office

Just off Place du 16 Août, the CTM office sells tickets for Casablanca (Dh220, nine hours overnight) via Taza (Dh85, 3½ hours), Fez (Dh125, five hours), Meknes (Dh150, six hours) and Rabat (Dh185, 7½ hours). You...

Taxi in Taroudant

Grands Taxis

Grands taxis gather just outside Bab Zorgane. Destinations include Agadir (Dh40), Inezgane (Dh35, change here for more frequent services to Agadir) and Marrakesh (Dh140). To travel via the mountainous and...

Bus in Tafraoute

Buses to Aït-Mansour Gorge

Four buses from noon Monday to Saturday travel to Afella-Ighir and Aït Mansour (Dh26) from outside the Auberge Les Amis. This service can be infrequent, so check with Houssine Laroussi at Au Coin des Nomades to...

Bus in Tarfaya


Daily Supratours departures head for the following destinations: Agadir (Dh200, 10½ hours), Dakhla (Dh230, nine hours), Goulimime (Dh130, six hours), Laayoune (Dh50, two hours), Marrakesh (Dh280, 13 hours), Tan...

Bus Station in Nador

Gare Routière

Nador's dingy bus station is a place you won't want to linger for long. CTM sends buses to Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Fez, Tangier, Larache, Sidi Kacem, Al Hoceima, Chefchaouen and more. Bag storage is available.

Airport in Casablanca

Mohammed V International Airport

Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport is 30km southeast of the city on the Marrakesh road. Regular flights leave from here for most countries in Europe, as well as to West Africa, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt,...

Taxi in Tafraoute

Grands Taxis

Station wagons and Land Rovers hang around the post office square, and on Rue Al Jeish Al Malaki by the Afriquia petrol station at the bottom of Tariq An Nahzi. Grands taxis leave for Tiznit (Dh40) in the morning...

Bus Station in Rabat

Gare Routière Kamra

Rabat's main bus station is on the N1 highway west of Agdal. To get to the town centre from the station, take bus 30 (Dh4) or a petit taxi (Dh30). The closest tram stop, Ibn Rochd, is a 1.3km walk east along Ave...

Airport in Agadir

Al Massira Airport

Al Massira Airport, 25km southeast of Agadir, is mainly served by European charter flights. There are banks with exchange booths and ATMs, SIM vendors, car-hire offices, a tourist information office and a couple...

Train Station in Safi

Train Station

From Safi's train station, there are services at 8.15am and 5.10pm involving a change at Benguérir and calling at Casablanca (1st/2nd class Dh140/87, 4¼ hours), Rabat (Dh208/132, 5½ hours) and Fez (Dh311/209, 8¼...

Bus in Taroudant


CTM has the most reliable buses, with at least one daily service to Agadir (Dh35, two hours), Casablanca (Dh210, seven hours overnight), Marrakesh (Dh115, four hours overnight) and Ouarzazate (Dh115, five hours).

Bus Station in Meknes

Gare Routière

Regional buses leave Meknes from this big station just beyond the medina's western Bab El Khemis. There is a spot for left luggage, and some snack stands. These buses can be less reliable than the CTM departures.

Taxi in Fez

Hamid Essalih

Hamid is a reliable, responsible and flexible driver who speaks good English and will happily skip handicraft shopping if you're not interested. He's available for airport pickups and day and multi-day tours.

Bus in Tata


Satas has daily departures to Agadir (Dh100, eight hours), Goulimime (Dh102, five hours), Marrakesh (Dh170, 10 hours), Taroudant (Dh60, five hours), Tiznit (Dh80, 6½ hours) and Zagora (Dh92, eight hours).

Airport in Essaouira

Essaouira-Mogador Airport

Essaouira's international airport is 17km and around a 20-minute drive south of the medina. Flights include Ryanair from London Stansted, Transavia from Paris and Royal Air Maroc Express from Casablanca.