• With huge unemployment and a largely out-of-work youthful population, Morocco isn’t fertile ground for job opportunities.
  • A good command of French is a prerequisite and some Arabic would help.
  • If you secure a position, your employer will have to help you get a work permit and arrange residency, which can be a long process.
  • There are more volunteering opportunities.

Teaching English

There are a few possibilities for teaching English as a foreign language in Morocco, although they are not terribly well paid. Rabat is one of the best places to start looking.

The best times to try are around September and October (the beginning of the academic year) and, to a lesser extent, early January. Having a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification will be useful.

American Language Centers (www.aca.org.ma) Ten schools around the country.

TEFL.com Has a database of vacancies.