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Top Choice Museum in Tnine

Ecomusée Berbere

Four kilometres after Tnine, a discreet sign points up a dirt path into the Berber village of Tafza: here the three-storey mudbrick ksar (fortified granary) that once housed the local qaid (chief) is now a museum. E…
Gardens in Tnine


Almost anything thrives in Ourika’s rich soil, including saffron (Crocus sativus), organically grown here from bulbs that are cultivated near Talouine. Saffron is a high-maintenance plant, with flowers harvested bef…
Gardens in Tnine

Jardin Bio-Aromatique d'Ourika

Just after the bridge in Tnine, signs off the main road point down a dirt track towards the organic botanical gardens of a Franco-Moroccan natural bath-product company that combines Berber herbal remedies with moder…