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Top Choice Moroccan in Tiznit

À l'Ombre du Figuier

Follow the signs through alleyways and under low doorways to one of southern Morocco's best restaurants. Colourful tables are arrayed under the dappled shade of a sprawling fig tree, and the concise menu offers just…
Moroccan in Tiznit

Riad Le Lieu

The charming Aïcha attracts locals and tourists alike with her daily specials, which typically include tomato and goat's-cheese salad, pastilla and camel, beef or sardine tajine. The intimate setting is a yellow cou…
Mosque in Tiznit

Grande Mosquée

The minaret of the Grande Mosquée (closed to non-Muslims) is studded with jutting wooden sticks. Local legend suggests this is where the souls of the dead congregate. More likely, these were left in place by the mas…
Cafe in Tiznit

Espace Asrir

Housed in a heritage courtyard house, Asrir is a surprising find amid the winding laneways of Tiznit's medina. Excellent juices and coffee are served to a soundtrack of delicate birdsong, and old radios and a piano …
Jewellery in Tiznit

Jewellery Souq

With its long history of silversmiths, the jewellery souq has some of southern Morocco's best work. It’s a pleasant place to wander, with blue-doored shops and windows full of silverware. Some of the jewellery is ma…
Moroccan in Tiznit

Restaurant Al Amal

Tiznit's newest hotel also hosts a couple of good eating options pitched at a higher level than most of the city's other cafes and restaurants. Seafood, tagines and good pasta are the standouts, the downstairs cafe …
Cafe in Tiznit

La Ville Nouvelle

At this popular multistorey cafe, brisk waiters serve the classic salads, brochettes, tajines and kefta (spiced lamb or beef meatballs). It's also a top spot for a coffee, some of Tiznit's best French-style baked go…
Historic Site in Tiznit

City Walls

It’s possible to climb onto sections of the 5km-long city walls, which have some 30 towers and nine gates. On the northern side of the medina, Bab Targua overlooks a palmeraie with a natural spring, used as a laundr…
Jewellery in Tiznit

Trésor du Sud

Jewellery shops are found along Ave Sidi Abderhman, the main road through the medina. At the top, Trésor du Sud is not the cheapest, but the work is good and it deals in hallmarked solid silver.
Jewellery in Tiznit

Bijouterie Ban Alkhmis

A good location for traditional silver and Berber handcrafts but you'll need to bargain hard over multiple cups of mint tea.