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Inter-city will eventually leave from the new bus station just off the Tafraoute road, but at the time of writing this new departure point was still not open. CTM has an office closer to the centre on the same road, and also one on Pl al-Méchouar in the medina. CTM serves the following destinations: Agadir (Dh40, two hours), Dakhla (Dh370, 20 hours), Goulimime (Dh45, 2½ hours), Laayoune (Dh210, nine hours), Tafraoute (Dh40, 2½ hours) and Tan Tan (Dh95, 4½ hours). Supratours offers similar services from its office northwest of the medina.

Cheaper bus-company offices are clustered on Ave Lalla Abla, just northeast of the roundabout near Bab Oulad Jarrar.

Green Lux buses leave from a stand near Bab Laaouina on the western edge of the medina. Bus 18 travels to Sidi Ifni (Dh20) via Mirleft (Dh10) and bus 20 (Dh40) to Tiznit.


Taxis leave from the main grand-taxi rank, opposite the main post office in the western part of town, serving the following destinations: Agadir (Dh35), Inezgane (Dh30), Mirleft (Dh20), Sidi Ifni (Dh30) and Tafraoute (Dh40).

Taxis for Aglou Plage (Dh5) leave from a stand on Ave Hassan II, and for Goulimime (Dh42) from a stand just south of the roundabout near Bab Oulad Jarrar, (across Rte de Goulimime from the Total garage).