Tiznit attractions

Mosque in Tiznit

Grande Mosquée

The minaret of the Grande Mosquée (closed to non-Muslims) is studded with jutting wooden sticks. Local legend suggests this is where the souls of the dead congregate. More likely, these were left in place by the mas…
Historic Site in Tiznit

City Walls

It’s possible to climb onto sections of the 5km-long city walls, which have some 30 towers and nine gates. On the northern side of the medina, Bab Targua overlooks a palmeraie with a natural spring, used as a laundr…
Historic Site in Tiznit

Source Bleue

The original town spring is now a shallow, stagnant pool, and green rather than blue. Legend claims a woman of ill repute, Lalla Zninia, stopped to rest here at what was then plain desert. She spent the next three d…