Accessed from the N12 between Goulimime and Tata (or along back roads from the Anti Atlas), the oasis village of Id-Âïssa, also known as Amtoudi, after the gorge it occupies, has walking trails to two agadirs (fortified granaries), a waterfall and cave paintings. One of the agadirs is particularly impressive, towering above the village on a spindly outcrop. In the second half of September, a festival and fantasia (musket-firing cavalry charge) takes place in the nearby village of Âït Herbil, also known for its rock engravings.

Id-Âïssa is 30km from the N12, signposted from near the village of Taghjicht. To get there by grand taxi from Goulimime, you will likely have to change in Bouizakarne and Souk Tnine-Nouadai. A shared/private taxi from Bouizakarne costs about Dh35/210. From Tata, pick up a ride to Goulimime or Bouizakarne and alight in Taghjicht, from where a private taxi costs Dh120.