Police in Agadir


There’s also a Nouveau Talborjt office on Pl Lahcen Tamri, and a Tourist Police post on the promenade.
Internet in Agadir

Teleboutique le Musée

Centrally located near Ave Mohammed V, Agadir's bustling main street.
Tourist Information in Agadir

Information Booth

Open 24 hours at the airport and has useful maps and brochures.
Tourist Information in Agadir


In the blue building next to DHL; not particularly helpful.
Post in Agadir

Main Post Office

Centrally located with exchange facilities and an ATM.
Medical in Taroudannt


Located in the medina just west of the kasbah.
Post in Taroudannt

Post Office

Located slightly northwest of Pl al-Alaouyine.
Post in Agadir

Post Office

Smaller branch located in Nouveau Talborjt.
Travel Agency in Taroudannt

Inezgane Voyages

Represents airlines including RAM.
Police in Agadir

Tourist Police

Located near the beach promenade.