Tetouan attractions

Top Choice Notable Building in Tetouan

Artisanal School

Just outside Bab El Okla is the best artisan centre in northern Morocco. This is a fascinating opportunity to see masters teaching apprentices traditional arts, including ornamental woodwork, silk costumes, carved p…
Top Choice Museum in Tetouan

Tetouan Museum of Modern Art

Tetouan boasts one of only two schools of fine arts in Morocco (Casablanca has the other), so it's fitting that this museum should live here. The building itself is worth a visit: a magnificent Spanish-castle-like b…
Landmark in Tetouan

Place Hassan II

The broad and empty Place Hassan II, which is mostly roped off for security reasons, links the medina to the Ensanche. It looks like it houses the Wizard of Oz, with guards standing in front of the long flat facade …
Mosque in Tetouan

Grande Mosquée

Of the many mosques in the area, this is one of the most impressive. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the mosques.
Mosque in Tetouan

Saidi Mosque

It's customary that non-Muslims do not enter the mosque but, even from the outside, this is an impressive sight.
Museum in Tetouan

Ethnographic Museum

Just inside the picture-perfect eastern gate, Bab El Okla, is the Ethnographic Museum. It's worth a visit for the terrace views of the Rif (ask the caretaker to open it for you, if necessary), its pleasant garden wi…
Museum in Tetouan

Archaeology Museum

A few blocks from Place Al Jala there is an extensive museum with an excellent collection of artefacts from the Roman ruins at Lixus, displayed both inside and in the gardens. Labelling is in French, Spanish and Ara…
Church in Tetouan

Iglesia de Bacturia

This Roman Catholic church was built in 1926 and is still active. We can't think of another place in Morocco where church bells sound the hour.
Notable Building in Tetouan

Royal Palace

Royal residence on Place Hassan II, though sadly not open to visitors.
Park in Tetouan

Lovers Park

On the southern edge of the Tetouan mellah (Jewish quarter).