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Top Choice Cave in Taza

Gouffre du Friouato

At over 20m wide and 230m deep, the Gouffre du Friouato is said to be the deepest cavern in North Africa, and the cave system is possibly the most extensive. In 2016 a section of the roof collapsed, killing some sch…
Historic Site in Taza

Medina Walls

The impressive restored medina walls, around 3km in circumference, are a legacy from when Taza served briefly as the Almohad capital in the 12th century. The two most interesting sections are the crumbling bastion, …
Viewpoint in Taza

Bab Er Rih

The most interesting section of Taza Haute's fortified wall is around Bab er-Rih, from where there are superb views over the surrounding countryside. Look southwest to the wooded slopes of Jebel Tazzeka in the Middl…
Fast Food in Taza

Mou Mou

Come night-time, happy customers – including lots of families and women – spill out the door of this packed-out corner joint with Moroccan music joyously blaring out. Tasty fast food is the order of the day here: ke…
Viewpoint in Taza


Taza Haute's bastion, where the medina walls jut out to the east, was added to the 12th-century fortifications 400 years later by the Saadians, but it's not been restored so you'd be forgiven for thinking it the old…
Moroccan in Taza

La Casa

One of a rash of modern places that look quite out of place in sleepy Taza; there's a cafe at the front with pavement seating and a dimly lit restaurant at the back. It does the usual paninis and shwarma, as well as…
Bakery in Taza

Café Amsterdam

Follow your nose to the piles of freshly baked savoury and sweet pastries, croissants and breads at Café Amsterdam, where a steady stream of locals file in and out to collect daily packages. This is a great breakfas…
Mosque in Taza

Grande Mosquée

Not far from Bab er-Rih, and visible over the top of the houses, is the Grande Mosquée, which the Almohads began building in 1135; the Merenids added to it in the 13th century. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter, …
Mosque in Taza

Andalous Mosque

The main street into the medina off Pl Aharrach stretches past hole-in-the-wall bakeries before reaching this mosque, constructed in the 12th century. There is no sign and from within the medina it's difficult to te…
Market in Taza


The souqs and qissaria (covered market) are at the heart of Taza's medina, offering food stuffs and domestic goods. The qissaria glitters with jewellery, and also sells clothes.