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Top Choice Market in Taroudant

Souq Arabe

The main souq, also known as the grand souq, has wonderful antique leather goods, textiles and jewellery shops hidden in the quiet streets. it's slightly more high-pressure than the Souq Berbère, but this is still T…
Market in Taroudant

Sunday Morning Souq

This large market, held outside Bab El Khemis north of the kasbah, brings in people from the whole region. It's worth a visit for local flavour, and to pick up produce for self-catering or long transits.
Market in Taroudant

Souq Berbère

Also known as the marché municipal (central market), this souq, on the south side of Place An Nasr, serves as the shopping centre for workaday Taroudant: trainers, mobile phone accessories, exercise gear, pots, pans…