Taxi in Taroudannt

Grands Taxis

Grands taxis gather just outside Bab Zorgane. Destinations include the following: Agadir (Dh40), Inezgane (Dh34, change here for more frequent services to Agadir) and Marrakesh (Dh150). To travel via the mountainous…
Bus in Taroudannt


CTM has the most reliable buses, with at least one daily service to each of the following destinations: Agadir (Dh35, three hours), Casablanca (Dh190, eight hours), Marrakesh (Dh105, four hours) and Ouarzazate (Dh11…
Bicycle Rental in Taroudannt

Brahim Bikes

Taroudannt is a good place to cycle; bikes can be rented at Brahim Bikes on the main square.
Car Rental in Taroudannt

Tinghir Cars

This local agency hires out small cars for Dh500/400 per day for one/seven days.
Bus Station in Taroudannt

Bus Station

Buses depart from the dusty station outside Bab Zorgane.
Car Rental in Taroudannt

Alge Cars

Local car rental in Taroudannt.