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Top Choice Moroccan in Taroudannt


Behind the Grand Mosquée, this delightful little restaurant serves dishes from the French-Moroccan proprietors’ homelands, with mains such as chicken pastilla and goat tajine on offer. The starters include delicious…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Taroudannt

Souq Arabe

The main souq, also known as the grand souq, has antique and souvenir shops hidden in the quiet streets. The area southwest of the mosque is good for present shopping, with a small square of jewellery shops just off…
Moroccan in Taroudannt

Chez Nada

This 60-year-old restaurant specialises in tajines, including one with pigeon (or chicken), prunes and grilled almonds. Above the male-dominated ground-floor cafe and elegant white 1st-floor dining room, the roof te…
Moroccan in Taroudannt

Jnane Soussia

This recommended garden restaurant has tented seating areas set around a large swimming pool adjacent to the ramparts. The house specialities include mechoui (whole roast lamb) and pigeon pastilla, which have to be …
Fast Food in Taroudannt

Mehdi Snack

Located at the back of Chez Nada, and run by the same family, this snack bar sells burgers, pizzas, brochettes and salads.
Historic Site in Taroudannt


The 7.5km of ramparts surrounding Taroudannt are among the best-preserved pisé walls in Morocco. Their colour changes from golden brown to deepest red depending on the time of day. They can easily be explored on foo…
Historic Site in Taroudannt


Built in the 16th and 17th century, a string of mighty defensive towers create the gates of the city. Considered the main gate, the triple-arched Bab el-Kasbah (also known as Bab Essalsla) is approached via an avenu…
Kasbah in Taroudannt


The old kasbah quarter, originally a fortress built by Moulay Ismail, is today a poor but safe residential area, where winding lanes and low archways lead to tiny squares and dead ends. The governor’s palace, on the…
Juice Bar in Taroudannt

Cafe Andalous

Beneath a dentist's sign on a small square adjoining Ave Bir Zaran, this cheerful place is good for a mixed-fruit smoothie.
Art & Craft in Taroudannt

Souq Berbère

Also known as the marché municipal, this souq on the south side of Pl an-Nasr sells carpets, jewellery, argan oil, musical instruments, lamps, leatherwork and ceramics – past the trainers and mobile phones on the ce…