Moroccan in Taroudannt

Riad Maryam

The first Taroudannt riad to open as accommodation, Riad Maryam has been overtaken by other flasher options, but it is still a wonderful location for an evening meal. Multicourse menus, including soup, salad and des…
Moroccan in Taroudannt

Jnane Soussia

This recommended garden restaurant has tented seating areas set around a large swimming pool adjacent to the ramparts. The house specialities, which include mechoui (whole roast lamb) and pigeon pastilla, have to be…
Moroccan in Taroudannt

Chez Nada

This 60-year-old restaurant specialises in tajines, including one with pigeon (or chicken), prunes and grilled almonds. Above the male-dominated ground-floor cafe and elegant white 1st-floor dining room, the roof te…
Fast Food in Taroudannt

Big Restaurant

The American-diner ambience is a tad incongruous for Taroudannt's storied medina, but look behind the burger menu to decent pizzas and well-priced Moroccan-style grills of merguez sausages, chicken and lamb. Salads …
Fast Food in Taroudannt

Mehdi Snack

Located at the back of Chez Nada, and run by the same family, this snack bar sells burgers, pizzas, brochettes and salads.
Market in Taroudannt

Fruit & Vegetable Market

A good option for putting together a picnic.