Top things to do

Museum in Tarfaya

Musée Saint-Exupéry

Tarfaya's main claim to fame is its association with the French pilot and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. In 1926 he began flying in the airmail service between France and Senegal, and Cap Juby (as Tarfaya was...

Spanish in Tarfaya

Restaurant Canalina

The Canalina, when it's open, is likely the best restaurant in town, featuring seafood, tortillas and other Iberian fare. Unfortunately, hours are irregular.

Historic Site in Tarfaya

Assalama Ferry Wreck

The wrecked Armas ferry, Assalama, 2km south of town, worked the short-lived route between Tarfaya and Fuerteventura when it went down in 2008. Its rusted shell is visible just offshore, and is fascinating in an...

Historic Site in Tarfaya

Casa Mar

Numerous romantically dilapidated colonial-era buildings date from the days when Saint-Exupéry touched down here. The Casa Mar is abandoned but still standing and can be easily reached at low tide. This is the...

Cultural in Tarfaya

Rallye Toulouse Saint-Louis

The airmail service is remembered when light aircraft fly from France to Senegal and back, landing in Tarfaya en route. If you're passing through, watching the planes land on the dirt airstrip can be...

Seafood in Tarfaya

Casa Mar

Just outside the port entrance, Casa Mar's cafe-restaurant serves whatever's fresh from the fish market, from sole to calamari and octopus. The cafe, a popular meeting point, is a good place to check your emails...

Monument in Tarfaya


At the north end of the beach, a monument honours Saint-Exupéry’s memory: a dinky green Bréguet 14 biplane, the sort he used to fly. This will be of interest to aviation enthusiasts; for others it's a pleasant...