Beyond the End of the Road: Ouzina

Instead of turning back at Taouz, you could take the piste (dirt track) by 4WD about one hour (30km) southwest towards the 2km stretch of dunes at Ouzina, a seldom-visited desert destination known only to Sahara savants. Here you’ll find Kasbah Ouzina, a small, tidy auberge with mercifully sand-free beds. At Ouzina the piste turns west toward the Draa Valley, heading 45km to Mharje village, where you can turn north onto a well-graded piste to Alnif, where it intersects with the tarmac road to Zagora. Otherwise, you could follow a bumpy piste from Taouz west towards the Draa Valley south of Zagora. Either way, the Taouz–Zagora journey takes at least seven hours, equipped with plenty of water, petrol, food, a spare tyre, a mobile phone and a Sahara-savvy guide.