Tangier in detail


Tangier’s sleeping options cater to all budgets and styles, spanning the spectrum from the ultra-cheap pensiónes (guesthouses) near the port to the chic hotels along the oceanfront. Ultra-budget accommodation options are clustered around the medina and close to the port gate. You can also find plenty of choice in the streets around Ave Mokhtar Ahardan and the Rue Magellan.

Ville Nouvelle

Many of the unrated hotels and pensiónes along Rue Salah Eddine El Ayoubi and Ave d’Espagne are little better than the cheapies in the medina. This Salah/Espagne area can be dodgy at night, and questionable for women travelling alone. Nicer hotels line Ave Mohammed VI, offering views over the Bay of Tangier and close proximity to the attractions of the city, with a couple of options right in the centre.