Top Choice Museum in Tangier

Kasbah Museum

This museum is perfectly sited in Dar el-Makhzen, the former sultan’s palace (where Portuguese and British governors also lived). The focus is on the history of the area from prehistoric times to the 19th century. P…
Landmark in Tangier

Grand Hôtel Villa de France

To the north of Pl de France in the ville nouvelle, down Rue de la Liberté, stands the closed (though possibly to reopen) Grand Hôtel Villa de France. The French painter Eugène Delacroix stayed here in 1832, when it…
Top Choice Landmark in Tangier

Grand Socco

The Grand Socco (official name Pl du 9 Avril 1947) is the romantic entrance to the medina, a large, sloping, palm-ringed plaza with a central fountain that stands before the keyhole gate Bab Fass. Once a major marke…
Top Choice Square in Tangier

Petit Socco

Officially named Pl Souq ad-Dakhil, this was once the most notorious crossroads of Tangier, the site of drug deals and all forms of prostitution. Today the facades are freshly painted, tourists abound and it’s a won…
Top Choice Museum in Tangier

Tangier American Legation Museum

This museum is a must-see: Morocco was one of the first countries to recognise the fledgling United States, and this was the first piece of American real estate abroad (look for the letter of thanks from George Wash…
Arts Centre in Tangier

DARNA, The Women’s Association of Tangier

The yellow building opposite La Terrasse is a small complex offering an inexpensive restaurant, a boutique shop with crafts and clothing, and a sunny courtyard, making it a popular stop for lunch or just a place to …
Gallery in Tangier

Galerie Delacroix

The exhibition hall of the Institut Français; hosts temporary exhibitions.
Mosque in Tangier

Grande Mosquée

From the Petit Socco in the medina, Rue Jemaa el-Kebir leads east past this mosque, which at one time housed a Portuguese church. A little further on you reach a scenic lookout over the port.
Church in Tangier

St Andrew’s Church

St Andrew's Church is one of the more charming oddities of Tangier. Completed in 1905, on land granted by Queen Victoria, the interior of this Anglican church is in Moorish style, with no graven images, and the Lord…
Architecture in Tangier

Terrasse des Paresseux

The aptly named Terrasse des Paresseux provides sweeping views of the port and, on a clear day, Gibraltar and Spain. A set of ancient cannons faces the bay, symbolically warding off usurpers.