Taliouine attractions

Top Choice Arts Centre in Taliouine

Calligraphie Tifinaghe

Amazigh poet and calligrapher Moulid Nidouissadan paints Berber proverbs and colourful compositions. Free to every visitor is a rendition of their name in Berber – crafted via a theatrical combination of saffron 'in…
Museum in Taliouine

Coopérative Souktana du Safran

Founded in 1979, the largest and oldest of Taliouine’s saffron cooperatives has 160 members (four are women). The centre is well worth visiting for the museum, calligrapher and informative employees. They can explai…
Museum in Taliouine

Dar Azaafaran

This modern information centre is devoted to l'or rouge, with a small museum, saffron for sale by local cooperatives and a display of the current going rate. Most displays are in French but there is some information…
Historic Site in Taliouine


Gazing at the brown hills, the kasbah is mostly disintegrating, but it makes a pleasant sunset stroll.
Market in Taliouine


The village comes to life during the Monday souq, near Auberge le Safran.