Taxi in Tafraoute

Grands Taxis

Station wagons and Land Rovers do the rounds of various villages in the area, mostly on market days. They hang around the post-office square, and on Rue al-Jeish al-Malaki by the Afriquia petrol station at the botto…
Bus in Tafraoute

Buses to Afella-Ighir

Four buses from 11am Monday to Saturday travel to Afella-Ighir and Aït Mansour (Dh26) from outside the Auberge Les Amis. This service can be infrequent so check with Houssine Laroussi at Au Coin des Nomades to make …
Bus in Tafraoute

CTM Office

Departures to Tiznit (Dh35), Agadir (Dh70) and Sidi Ifni (Dh30).
Bus Station in Tafraoute

Buses to Ameln Valley

Bus Stop in Tafraoute

Buses to Tiznit