Tafraoute in detail

Flights & getting there


Buses for regional destinations depart from outside the various company offices, mostly on Rue Al Jeish Al Malaki. CTM has departures to Tiznit (Dh35), Agadir (Dh70) and Sidi Ifni (Dh30).

Local buses to the Ameln Valley (Dh5) leave from outside Cafe Paris every half-hour, stopping on request at different villages. Lux bus 20 to Tiznit (Dh40) leaves from a stop near Place Mohammed V.

Four buses from 11am Monday to Saturday travel to Afella-Ighir and Aït Mansour (Dh26) from outside the Auberge Les Amis. This service can be infrequent so check with Houssine Laroussi at Au Coin des Nomades to make sure it is still running.


Station wagons and Land Rovers do the rounds of various villages in the area, mostly on market days. They hang around the post office square, and on Rue al Jeish Al Malaki by the Afriquia petrol station at the bottom of Tariq An Nahzi. Grands taxis leave for Tiznit (Dh50) in the morning from the latter location.