Southern Morocco & Western Sahara shopping

Jewellery in Tiznit

Jewellery Souq

With its long history of silversmiths, the jewellery souq has some of southern Morocco's best work. It’s a pleasant place to wander, with blue-doored shops and windows full of silverware. Some of the jewellery is ma…
Arts & Crafts in Dakhla

Complexe d'Artisanat de Dakhla

This brand new building is one of most striking structures in town and hosts a variety of local artisans working with silver, textiles and other traditional crafts. There will eventually be around 20 stalls across t…
Market in Taroudant

Souq Berbère

Also known as the marché municipal (central market), this souq, on the south side of Place An Nasr, sells carpets, jewellery, argan oil, musical instruments, lamps, leatherwork and ceramics – past the trainers and m…
Market in Taroudant

Souq Arabe

The main souq, also known as the grand souq, has antique and souvenir shops hidden in the quiet streets. The area southwest of the mosque is good for present shopping, with a small square of jewellery shops just off…
Arts & Crafts in Tafraoute

Maison du Troc

A good range of Berber and Tuareg products, including pottery, jewellery, cactus-silk blankets and camel-wool kilims (carpets). Products are sourced from across the Anti Atlas region, not just locally.
Jewellery in Tiznit

Trésor du Sud

Jewellery shops are found along Ave Sidi Abderhman, the main road through the medina. At the top, Trésor du Sud is not the cheapest, but the work is good and it deals in hallmarked solid silver.
Food in Mesti

Miel Afoulki

The shop of Miel Afoulki, a honey cooperative, sells some extraordinary local flavours, including orange and euphorbia. Hours are flexible, but someone usually shows up to let visitors in.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Tafraoute

Au Coin des Nomades

Berber handiwork and local souvenirs at reasonable prices. Hours are sporadic, but adjacent shopkeepers usually phone owner Houssine Laroussi if he is not around.
Food in Mesti

Tafyoucht Cooperative

This women’s cooperative produces oil and cosmetic products from the versatile argan tree. Opening hours are flexible, but visitors are welcome.
Arts & Crafts in Tafraoute

Maison Tuareg

Stocks Berber and Tuareg carpets, jewellery and souvenirs from the Atlas, Rif and Sahara. Also has a booth opposite Hôtel Salama.