Arts & Crafts in Taroudannt

Souq Berbère

Also known as the marché municipal, this souq, on the south side of Pl an-Nasr, sells carpets, jewellery, argan oil, musical instruments, lamps, leatherwork and ceramics – past the trainers and mobile phones on the …
Arts & Crafts in Taroudannt

Souq Arabe

The main souq, also known as the grand souq, has antique and souvenir shops hidden in the quiet streets. The area southwest of the mosque is good for present shopping, with a small square of jewellery shops just off…
Food & Drinks in Taroudannt

Sunday Morning Souq

This large market, held outside Bab el-Khemis north of the kasbah, brings in people from the whole region.
Arts & Crafts in Agadir

Ensemble Artisanal

Some of the best craftwork found in Agadir.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Agadir

Tafoukt Souq

A touristy bazaar with everything from Berber jewellery to football tops. There's also a handy mini-supermarket selling snacks, souvenirs, and beer and liquor.
Arts & Crafts in Agadir

Marché Central

Pick up presents ranging from chessboards to leatherwork in and around this concrete building.
Books in Agadir

Al Mouggar Bookshop

Has a wide selection of French books, and some English paperback novels.
Arts & Crafts in Agadir

Souq al-Had

The most atmospheric and fun place to shop for craftwork.