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Top Choice Plantation in Skoura


Skoura’s defining features remain its mudbrick kasbahs and vast Unesco-protected palmeraie, earning the moniker ‘Oasis of 1000 Palms.’ Under this green canopy, a 15-mile patchwork of carefully tended garden plots ar…
Medina in Skoura

Kasbah Amridil

Morocco’s most coveted kasbah is this 17th-century wonder, which appears on Morocco’s 50-dirham note. Signposted just a few hundred metres from the main road, this living museum shows traditional kasbah life over th…
Cultural Centre in Skoura

Skoura Cultural Centre

This enterprising NGO showcases local ingenuity at its crafts centre on the eastern edge of town. Here Skoura residents sell items made with palm fronds, sustainably harvested without harming the trees. For travelle…