Bus in Sidi Ifni


Daily departures to destinations including Casablanca (Dh270, 12 hours), Marrakesh (Dh170, 7½ hours), Agadir (Dh70, four hours) and Laayoune (Dh180, eight hours).
Taxi in Sidi Ifni

Grands Taxis

The grand-taxi station is on the east side of town. Taxis serve Goulimime (Dh25), Legzira Plage (Dh13), Mirleft (Dh13), Tiznit (Dh27) and Agadir (Dh60).
Bus Stop in Sidi Ifni

Lux Bus Stop

Lux bus number 18 travels via Mirleft (Dh10) to Tiznit (Dh20).