Arts & Crafts in Essaouira

Espace Othello

Up-and-coming artists.
Arts & Crafts in Essaouira

Association Tilal des Arts Plastiques

Up-and-coming artists.
Arts & Crafts in Essaouira

Galeries d'Art Damgaard

This gallery is the best and oldest in town and features the work of local artists.
Arts & Crafts in Essaouira

Coopérative Artisanal des Marqueteurs

Come here for fixed-price shopping.
Arts & Crafts in Essaouira

Woodcarving Workshops

Essaouira is well known for its woodwork and you can visit a string of shops near the Skala de la Ville. However, the marquetry work is made from local fragrant thuya wood, which is now an endangered species – buyin…
Arts & Crafts in Essaouira

Rafia Craft

Along with woodwork, Essaouira’s other great product is its raffia work, made from the fibres of the doum palm. Much of its line is sold to European outlets.
Food & Drinks in Essaouira

Spice Souq

This is the place to go for herbal Viagra, Berber lipstick, cures for baldness and exotic spices. You can also buy argan-oil products here, as well as the traditional amlou (about Dh40 per bottle).
Jewellery in Essaouira

Jewellery Souq

A small area of jewellery shops with everything from heavy Berber beads to gaudy gold.
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Drinks in Essaouira

Alcohol Shops