Area in Salé


Small and relatively easy to navigate, this 13th-century walled medina retains an almost medieval flavour. It's visited on a regular basis by the city's pious, who come to worship in the Grand Mosque and three...

Historic Building in Salé

Medersa Abou Al Hassan

Next to the Grand Mosque's magnificent entrance gate, this medersa (school for studying the Quran) is a showcase of Merinid architecture and decorative arts. Both it and the mosque date from the first half of the...

Area in Salé

Le Quai Des Créateurs

Set on the banks of the Bou Regreg River, this low cubist structure hosts pop-up retail space for Moroccan designers, jewellers and artists. East along the wide promenade, cafes and bar-restaurants are opening up...

Islamic Shrine in Salé

Zawiya of Sidi Abdallah Ben Hassoun

Salé's patron saint, Sidi Abdallah Ibn Hassoun, was a 16th-century Sufi cleric and teacher. He's revered by Moroccan Muslims as a patron of travellers in much the same way as Catholics revere St Christopher. An...

Market in Salé

Souq El Ghezel

This large, tree-shaded square makes an interesting stop on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons when women run an auction and employ men to show off the goods – costume jewellery, caftans, tablecloths – to the...

Mosque in Salé

Grand Mosqée

This medina landmark dates from the beginning of the 11th century. It's the third-largest mosque in Morocco and a striking architectural mix of the Almoravid and Almohad styles, although it's been rebuilt many...

Islamic Shrine in Salé

Koubba of Sidi Ben Ashir At Taleb

This white koubba (shrine of a saint) at the edge of the medina was built to honour a 14th-century Spanish adherent and teacher of Sufism. The faithful come here to pray for cures to blindness and other ailments....

Notable Building in Salé

Slave Prison

Built by the dastardly Sallee Rovers pirates and recently restored, this slave prison next to the Muslim cemetery hadn't officially opened during our most recent visit, but should be open by the time you read this.

Market in Salé

Souq El Kebir

In the medina's main souq, hole-in-the-wall emporiums sell household goods, leather and wood. The spice souq is nearby, where you can pick up mounds of plump olives for a couple of dirham.

Market in Salé

Souq El Merzouk

Textiles, basketwork and jewellery are crafted and sold in this souq. Also on sale are the woven grass mats used in mosques, for which Salé is famous.